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Paul Moses, M.A., LPC – Bedford Office

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)


M.A. in Marriage/Family Counseling from Southwestern Seminary (1994)
B.A. in Pastoral Ministry from Dallas Christian College (1988)
Professional license held in Texas as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)


2017 to Present: Logos Services, LLC, Therapist
2016 – Present: Private Life Coaching Practice, Life Coach
2013 – 2016: Greenhouse Treatment Center, Therapist
2011 – 2014: Mental Health Mental Retardation of Tarrant County (MHMRTC), Therapist
2009 – 2011: Private Life Coaching Practice, Life Coach
2009 – 2009: AseraCare Hospice, Bereavement Coordinator
2006 – 2008: York College, Assistant Professor of Psychology
2001 – 2006: Mental Health Mental Retardation of Tarrant County (MHMRTC), Therapist and Program Manager


For Individuals:

It takes courage to make the first step toward positive change. I honor each of my clients for believing that with guidance and support positive change is possible. I provide a safe, relaxing, and comfortable space for you to be yourself, free from the negative expectations of others. I accept you where you are, respect the ways you want to change, and support your journey to live a more fulfilling life.

You’re on a journey of self discovery, acceptance, healing, and growth. I walk with you on that journey and tailor my sessions to your uniqueness. The healthy counseling relationship is the foundation for change, and becomes a strength you can use to build strong connections with others. Using a variety of techniques chosen for your specific needs, we build on that foundation.

We begin by taking stock of everything about you that is basic, built-in, and therefore normal. Things like your gut reactions to life and your personality traits. How your gender (male or female brain patterns) affects your view of life. We look at your value-system to see what’s important to you in life. Then we look at what desires and goals you want to pursue.

Sometimes you want to get rid of a pattern of thought or behavior that doesn’t help you to be your best. Together we explore how some early life experiences have generated negative patterns in how you think, feel, and process your daily interactions with others. We’ll use new processes to reduce or release those older patterns so you can develop better ways of being. In this way we reduce addiction, depression, anxiety, anger, grief, fear, or other negative emotions.

Or you may want to get something better going in your life. We’ll see how your natural personality strengths can best support you as we chart your course for improvement. Then there are times when you’re struggling to relate well with others. We’ll problem-solve how you can show up in those relationships in new ways to do your best to make your side of things go well.

I’m here to help you heal, learn, grow, and pursue a happier and more fulfilling life. You will gain tools of the mind and spirit that you can apply to real-life situations.

For Couples:
Relationships are of primary importance to our well being – physically, psychologically, spiritually, and socially. I am passionate about helping couples struggling in their marriage to heal, restore, and strengthen their marital bond. Issues related to the family you grew up in, friendships you’ve had, close relationships from the past, and current relationships within families are often addressed in sessions. My understanding manner and intuitive nature will assist you in achieving your marriage goals.

On a Professional Note:
My spiritual beliefs have been the guiding direction for my life. I respect people of all faiths and never judge anyone, but meet you where you are. I became a mental health professional because I enjoy empowering my clients to live happier, healthier lives.

I love figuring out what makes people tick, avoiding what ticks them off, and helping them tick better. I have worked in various mental health settings, including inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment, private counseling environments, and community outpatient mental health centers. Outpatient is my favorite place to work.

On a Personal Note:
I enjoy hanging out with my wife of 34 years, going to movies with my adult sons, cooking gourmet dishes, hiking in the woods, playing guitar, and building solid-body electric guitars for a hobby. I love reading and taking walks around the lake near our home each morning to meditate and get ready for my day.

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