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Scheduling Options

Depending on the individual therapist, we do offer appointments beginning as early as 8 AM and as late as 8 PM every day of the week (depending on location).  Same Day Appointments are allowed provided there is therapist availability.

Scheduling with an Individual Therapist

  1. Look through our list of therapists by clicking here.
  2. When you find the therapist with whom you would to schedule please verify they accept your insurance or EAP here.
  3. Once all information has been verified you may begin the Intake Process by using the "NEW Clients" button found at the bottom of the therapists bio page.


Scheduling with the first available Therapist

  1. Use the HIPAA compliant chat feature at the bottom of this page OR
  2. Call our main office number at 817-812-2880 OR
  3. Simply complete the Intake Paperwork and someone will reach out to you.

Payment Options


Utilizing Insurance

We are happy to work with your insurance or EAP provider should you decide to utilize your benefits.  For more information on utilizing your benefits please click here.  We will do our best to verify coverage prior to the session; however, please note it is the clients responsibility to understand their individual insurance coverage.  We will charge the client for the client portion of the balance at the counseling session acording to the information we receive from the insurance company when we verify benefits.


For those who do not currently have insurance or would prefer to not use their insurance we do offer a Sliding Fee Scale as per below:

The fee is based on the clients' Annual Household Income.

Client must provide proof of income.
Start Pay End Pay Cost per Session
< $49,999 $80
$50,000 $59,999 $90
$60,000 $69,999 $100
$70,000 $79,999 $110
$80,000 $89,999 $120
$90,000 $99,999 $130
$100,000 $109,999 $140
$110,000 > $155
Associates   $60



Clients have two choices for EMDR payment.  They may choose a complete Self-Pay option at $100 per session.  However, if an individual wishes to use their insurance, we will bill insurance every OTHER session.  Sessions not billed to insurance will be self-paid at $120 per session.


All NF sessions are self-paid at $120 per session.  However, clients may choose to purchase a block of 10 appointments for $1,000 ($100 per session).  We will be happy to supply you a superbill if you wish to file with insurance.